Sweet Potato Equipment
                                           Sweet Potato Plow
Plow Specifications:
Saves time… no more dead heading or skipping rows around the field
No more cutting vines ahead of harvesting
Available in 1-row, 2-row or 4-row models
Available with smooth or scalloped blades
Blade angle controlled by a hydraulic cylinder
All models come standard with blade scrapers
Large 28” diameter coulter blades
Lube fittings and grease grooves at all swivel points for ease of operation and wear resistance
Extra heavy duty construction for long time use and reliability
Completely adjustable row widths from 38” to 48” with no additional parts to buy
                                           Yield Max Gen. II Short Bed Digger
The Yield Max Gen. II Short Digger is the ultimate machine for the harvesting of sweet potatoes and other root crops.
Gentle crop handling is the result of careful design and engineering. Adjustable shakers, variable speed hydraulic
driven chains, and very short end drop are but a few of its features. This machines leaves nothing in the ground, but
leaves your crop gently place on top of the ground for harvesting.

Available in 2 row or 4 row models
Completely adjustable row widths from 40” to 48”
21" x 45mm pitch chain webbing, other sizes available
12.4 CID hydraulic motor drive
Adjustable shakers
Heavy duty flange and return rollers
Cat. II - Cat. III Hitch
                                                 Vac-Master 600
This machine is the ultimate tool for grooming and maintaining plant height. The special designed housing creates a
strong vacuum that lifts plants upward before cutting. Blow-down or twisting plant tops, common problems with other
mowers, are completely eliminated with this mower. All plant debris is caught in a collection system; no residue falls
back on the plants, thereby reducing disease problems. The collection system dumps hydraulically from the tractor
seat. Now you never have to let your plants get to tall. Maintain your plant beds better than ever with the Vac-Master

Working Width: 60"                                   H.P : 40 HP minimum
Overall Width: 69"                                     Rotor Diameter: 15.5"
Length : 59"                                              Blade RPM: 2390
Height : 57"                                               Weight: 1056 lbs
Cutting Height: 1" to 18"                           Collection System: 33.33 cu.ft.
Hitch : Cat. II                                              PTO: 540 rpm
                            Sweet Potato Packing Line Specifications
Dump tank with water recirculation system
Eliminator with cull conveyor
Pickout table with cull conveyor
Kerian Sizer
Delivery table
Intralox conveyor
Custom built to fit your needs
Many other options available as well
Other Sweet Potato Equipment Available
Sweet Potato Packing Lines                                                                                      Seed Covering Machine
Disc Plows                                                                                                                 Plastic Mulch Layers Conveyors
Seeders                                                                                                                     Forward Bin Dumpers
Specialty Herbicide/Pesticide Application Equipment
                                             Plant Master M-600
This machine was designed to provide sweet potato growers an economical means to cut potato plants from the plant
beds with a minimum amount of labor. This machine is a real labor saver and should not be overlooked by the
commercial sweet potato grower.

Hydraulic Cutter Bar Drive                       Ground Driven Flighting System
Cat. II hitch                                               H.P : 35 H.P
Cutting Knives : 2"-7 tpi bolted section     Operating Speed : 1-2 mph
Cutting Width: 50" effective                      Weight : 800 lbs