Specialty Products
The Sani-Harvest was designed with food safety and efficient packing of produce as some of its top features. All
surfaces that the produce contacts are made of stainless steel. This machine can be used efficiently to harvest,
weigh, box and load many types of produce such as cabbage, lettuce, leafy greens, and many other types of
produce. The Sani-Harvest features a mesh canopy to keep direct sunlight off the workers and the produce.
                                                Field Sanitation Units
These units meet federal and state requirements for field worker hygiene and sanitation. These units are
available in configurations of 1,2,and 4 portable toilets. All units feature a 22 gallon hand washing station, hand
soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser are standard on these units.

                                                        Row Cover Assist
The Row Cover Assist is used to remove and install row covering material. The Row Cover Assist creates labor
saving opportunities by reducing the time it takes to remove and install expensive row covering material. The
unique durable design of the frame allows for quick and easy changing of the reel. The reel allows for an easy
approach for storage of the row covering material without any damage.

Hitch: Cat. II                                                   Hydraulic Flow Control: Standard
Reel Diameter: 72"                                      Hydraulic Cylinder: 2" Bore x 6" Stroke
Reel Capacity: 1 Acre                                  Hydraulic Motor : 11.6 C.I.D.
Drive Wheel Size: 18 x 8.5 x 8