EZ-Level Grader Blade
The EZ-Level is the ultimate tool for grading/leveling. The EZ-Level eliminates potholes
and "the washboard effect" in gravel parking lots and driveways. The EZ-Level is more
effective than other box blades and angle blades due to it's unique design. The EZ-Level
requires no special operator skills to use. The EZ-Level is available in both a 10' and 12'
working width.

Model:                                                       HD 120                                                     HD144
Working Width:                                            120"                                                          144"
Hitch:                                                         Cat. II-III                                                    Cat. II-III
Weight:                                                       730 Lbs.                                                  830 Lbs.
Quick Hitch Adaptable:                               Yes                                                           Yes
Weight Bracket:                                       Standard                                                  Standard